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We work entirely remotely (doesn't everyone these days). We are English qualified lawyers, specialising in contract drafting for small, and mid-sized UK companies. We used to work for some of the biggest law firms in the world, serving the biggest companies. But now we're a bit older and wiser and we have a lot more fun working with small companies, solving real problems. So we offer a very simple service. We draft commercial documents for small companies.

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Just want a legal template?

If you're just looking for the right template and budget is tight, we always recommend the library of hundreds of legal templates from Zegal. The Zegal platform is designed for small business owners and in fact anybody not used to drafting contracts. It has a very simple Q&A interface. You can save your drafts and e-sign them. Best of all you can PAYG or pay for single templates so there is no lock-in.

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