Straightforward Pricing. No Suprises.

£25 per page

Commercial contracts only.

2 x 15 minute videocall consultations
Preliminary and final contract draft.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize contracts for niche companies?

Before we begin drafting your agreement, we will spend 15 minutes on a videocall with you to meet you and to understand more deeply what you are looking to achieve. We do this because we must understand both what your aim is and that you have asked for a solution which best solves that problem.

Why is the service so much cheaper than a law firm?

Firstly we don't have the obvious overheads of a city law firm, but our lawyers have all worked in them (so don't worry!). But most importantly Contracts4U has chosen not to act on certain specific regulated matters (that would make insurance (and thus our costs) very much higher. These are called 'reserved matters' and are: 

  • the exercise of rights of audience (i.e. appearing as an advocate before a court);

  • the conduct of litigation (i.e. managing a case through its court processes);

  • reserved instrument activities (i.e. dealing with the transfer of land or property under specific legal provisions);

  • probate activities (i.e. handling probate matters for clients);

  • notarial activities (i.e. work governed by the Public Notaries Act 1801); and

  • the administration of oaths (i.e. taking oaths, swearing affidavits etc.)

What is the cost of some of the more typical startup agreements, using your £25 per page pricing?

We draft ANY contracts but there are several that come up time and time again so we can give you a pretty good estimate of the price for them right here:

General Commercial Contracts

Collaboration Agreement £400

Distribution Agreement £350

Franchising Agreement £275

NDA £200
Privacy Policy £150
Referral Agreement £275

Corporate Documents 

Shareholders' Agreement £700

Share Sale Agreement £2,500

Documents For Your Team

Employment Contract £375
Employee Handbook £425
ESOP Plan - £450