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Zegal | Contract Lifecycle Management

Zegal allows you to automate many of the essential, but time-consuming tasks startup founders soon find themselves doing late at night. With Zegal's help, we take care of everything for you, so you can get on with what you’re good at. Our mission is to support business growth, we do this with Zegal at the helm.

Contracts4U is proud to say that we are the UK's fastest growing Zegal specialist and a Platinum Partner.


Vast legal Template Library

1000+ legal templates for all your day-to-day business functions: company set-up, company secretary, corporate resolutions, HR, sales, and commercial agreements. No matter the stage of your startup, from pre-seed to scale-up, we can leverage the Zegal platform to most efficiently support your business.


Work with us 100% online

We have been working remotely supporting business owners for much longer than just 2020. It's in our DNA. It's made possible through Zegal's collaboration; commenting; and version control feature, with access from anywhere.


E-Signatures on any device

Zegal includes unlimited e-signing for any documents whatsoever. It is used by some of the top law firms globally. Mostly we just like that our clients don't need to pay for another e-signing service on top.


Template Automation

Zegal's automation feature really makes our lives easier. Once we have created a contract for you, we want to be sure that a) it's used! and b) only the correct version is used by your team. We use Zegal to automate your personalised contract and add it to your unique template library for anyone in your team so you know everyone always has the correct version.